A few words about us

My family and I were all born in Mississippi and moved away for several years due to our careers. We recently moved back to the ‘Sipp and chose Oxford specifically for family, food, the people, and the music. My wife and I decided to follow our dreams! She decided on a gourmet food store and Oxford Gourmet and Gifts was born. I pursued a great passion of mine and decided to open a coffee bar.

The coffee bar idea originated from traveling the world in Army Special Forces as a Green Beret. I was fortunate enough to try food and drinks from many different countries and wanted to bring those cultural experiences home to share with others. I have come to judge places by their culture: coffee, food, hospitality, and music. You can break down barriers and bridge gaps with these four ideals and these will be the cornerstones of Common Ground Coffee Bar.

However enjoyable, selecting the coffee brand to feature proved a difficult task and required tasting coffee from many companies around the United States. There are thousands of coffee roasters to choose from and the variables are endless! Most small roasters are not set up for bulk manufacturing and while some are “top notch” they are not a viable option as a supplier. I chose Crimson Cup from Columbus, OH. They not only proved to be the superior brand on the market, they also had the historical journey of studying and refining the coffee business for over thirty years.

Common Ground Coffee Bar will provide a home-like atmosphere and relaxing environment with which to slow down and enjoy the experience. We will offer the finest of Southern hospitality to everyone!

—Joseph Beck
Founder of Common Ground Coffee Bar
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